How To Jump Higher In basketball

Published on March 10 2016

How To Jump Higher In basketball

Making a jump higher than your colleagues on a basketball court is great. You have an upper hand in the game and some control. Higher jumps are ideal for shielding opponent's shoots, a good dunk and getting the rebounds easy on your way. Getting to perfect your jump involves both on court and out of court activities but it is damn simple.

To jump higher requires some degree of leg strength. Work on abdominal muscles, they have a great connection to the legs. Jumps, both double leg and single leg jumping improves the strength of muscles and will work out towards your desire. Twenty legs curl a day and leg presses using the leg press machine will give a high performance. General body strength is also important therefore it must also be considered.

A part from your regular exercises do some squats. Stand with your back against a wall and move your body until it is in line with the knees. Do this repeatedly, this will improve your hamstring and quads enabling you to learn how to jump better. Squats improve thigh muscles and give extra explosiveness and strength. You can also try exercise in plyometrics. Making quick and intensive moves that involve rapid muscle lengthening followed by shortening of muscles. This improves your muscular power leading to higher jumps and faster sprint times.

It also increases explosiveness and power with which you make your jump. You can jump higher with high starting power. Stretching can work pretty well. Touching toes while seated is perfect for a stretch. You can also do this while standing with legs open or twist your legs in to a cross. Jumping a rope for a half an hour on your toes could do well but do not continue doing it if you feel pain. You could also stretch by tiptoeing for fifteen to thirty minutes. Thrust ups are another example of stretches and can improve thighs and calf muscles. Stretch leg muscles to enhance leaping ability and you could jump higher.

Work generally on your calf muscles by using calf raises. They strengthen the thighs and provide muscular power for explosiveness. Tiptoeing flexes calf muscles hence one can easily jump higher and can make faster sprints. Thrust ups also flex the calf muscles.
Nutrition is also important. A balanced diet is recommended in your three meals a day. Take foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates to give you energy for both exercises and actual game in the court. Energy and the practices listed above could make you an hero you want, you could jump higher.

At the time of play remember to position your feet well, you can have them together. Bend forward slightly and pay attention to your arms before making a jump. You can also visualize before making a move. Make a landing with both feet. However, these exercises might be dangerous at times. Seek expert attention if you have a history of knee problems. Overtraining could also lead to muscle loss, problems with sleep and sluggishness and therefore care must be taken. To jump higher needs commitment in doing exercises, you could jump higher if you do all these.

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